New Job Coordinator, Data Entry Operator In West Bengal

CoOrdinator, Data Entry Operator
CoOrdinator, Data Entry Operator

CoOrdinator, Data Entry Operator

Company : CMOH, Hooghly
Salary : Details not provided
Location : West Bengal

Full Description

Govt. of West Bengol
a/O the ChieJ"Medital Officer of IIeaIth, Hooghly

w D.R.S Campus, New Administrative Buildiig
Barabazar, Chitsuruh, tlooghly, 772 10'1

Memo wo:- (r] g5 Dated: t?ll, lly
Recruitment lYotice

An Walk-in - interview will be held on 27.LL,2O2L from 10,3O AM at the Office of the CMOH, Hooghly Ibr
engagernenl lirr a period up to 3 L.O3.2022 on contractual basis of 05 (five) Coordinator and 05 (five) Dater
Entry Opcrar-ur Ior different maJor hospital under CMOI"l, Flooghly. The remuneration (consolidated) will be
applic able a:i por tlrq Ptdqtof N'tD NHM, vide Memo No HFW-35O9911881202t/3244 Dated 28.10.2021

Designction Vacant Essential Criteria Essential E*p"ri"r""-fR*eration age timi-
Pos ts I I /month

Coordinator 'lotat 05 Rs. 45,000/ - 21'40 1'ears

(iivc) Diploma/ Degrer: ir-r Hr:alth erxpr:ricnce of worl<ing as
01 for Curc' Management/ with I on

Hosrriral (iovernnrent/Non-
' :i c.l-t I l01/0112021

Major Actministration i Gr,vernment'
2) Proficiency in r-rsing MS orgzrnization.

l-lorspital Oilicc
of tl-re

Data Entry 'lbtal

05 I ; Gladuate from luy 1. Nlinimum 3 yeirrs' Rs. 13,560/ - 21-40 yeals
Operator 1 (five) recognized . expcrience in as

i 01 for Uniiversiity and havee I Gorre.rnm-aernrtt onr'ompleted aLt rleuaosLt rl-v.Ye\a'4r1
each 01l0Ll2o2lDuri1lr;llut,ma/l uCeerrttritlricartt(t'' C( oItrlIsScc L. Sectror or 5 veaarsrs' , e:_x:p:^e.-r;l e-n:^c^e i:_Major in Crmputer Application 1n

iio,r Covt. Private Sector in 1-lospital ]
of the Registered Instrtution

Datet recording a:rd
.2) ri,,rr.l<ing I(rrowl.rlge o1 Dlita analysrs

lt,(.1 ,l,rrrrPtners,()perarnlg 1 ] I i
i Krrowledge of MS Word, MS I

'Ii | | Itrxcel. MS Power Point, MS
\,er'.:s i II II I

General. Instructions: -

1) ll)sr-r:r:rizrl qualification clctrlree through Distr,rrit Lezrrning Course or lrom any Open University will r-rot
bc t'ntertained.

21 '[']rc rrrrgagement contrarot period will bc valicl up to 3l-Mar-2O22 only.
3) Azioclt' ot Selection

tL) Scr iening of documerris, b) CompuLi:r TcsL, c) lnlen,icw
Note- Final selection will be made on the basis of total marks obtained in academic qualification
(weightage) experience and interview.


4) Ceindidate are instructed to bring all the original documents along with one photo copy of t.he
tcstiinonials to be submitted at the time of registration on that day i.e 27.11.2021.

:1 Ll.lrr(i,(ralcs are instrucletl to nrake|ation within 10.30 AM to 12.30 PM at the venue on
'.2"1 1t tO21 . No registriltiorr will be allorved altcr ,l.00 PM.

6) liia(:t ,rl lntervierv/ C)oir:rpr-rter Test/ Documr:nt vei'ificcrtion will be done at the office of the CMOH,
I3trralrnztrr, Chinsurah, I{ooghly ,7 l2lo 1 or the abovc mentioned posts.

7) A11 the above-mentioned qualification should be completed before the date of advertisement for the
f')os t

8) The cssential qualifica,tions mentionecl alc tLre minirnuLrn eind mele.possession of Lhc same cirles i1r,i
entitles the candidates to claim selection.

?) ,\1-r1;lr, r rrrts are requ(':it.r'(t to visrt rv,,vw.r,i,l:heerlt" at the URL "Recruitment" regularly lor
ins[ri-iction / informatic,u issued lrom tirnc l-c.r time. c-]=A-s_ _

I Y, ll ,21
Chief Medical Officer of Health & Secretarl,

DH& FWS, Hooghly

Nremo ., {mtfi (O) Dated 17.1r.21

1. The Mission Director, NHM & Secretary, GoWB, Swasthya Bhawan, GN- 29, Sec- V , Koi -

2. The District Magistrate, Hooghly.
3. The Add1. District Magistrate (Dev & Incharge of Flealth), Hooghly.
4. Dy. CMOH -l /1llAO, Hooghly.
5. Supdt., Imambara Dist. Hospital/Chandannagar SDH/Arambagh SDH/Serampore

SDH/Uttarpara SGH, Hooghly.
6. The Admin Officer, o/o the CMOH, Hooghly.
e. i[.[rit't"rr-]', t7 elt /s.),4rLtc ralaaps*,, wttfr-to-o a:r.
q. Arr l0 rd.rl c. C-ttec)+.E t+_r*\ t{th .\zaryd 6 f-a+t^.tt^,

hfli'ca W; d,4L6& deb.r6: Dy chief Medidaldfficerof ll(ja1th- III
Member Secretary , DLSC uucler trCIlP - II,

t 'iS.o,+..'.,1{l},