New job Customer Experience Assistant in Gujarat

Customer Experience Assistant
Customer Experience Assistant

Customer Experience Assistant

Company : Stemmons Business Services Private Limited
Salary : ₹15,000 a month
Location : Gujarat

Full Description

  • Entrusted with carrying out keen monitoring of designated premises using CCTV systems to pick up signs of threat and risks and warn the stakeholder well in time to safeguard life, property and premises
  • Familiarize with the layout and coverage of a CCTV system in the assigned premises
  • Preserve footage, as per instruction
  • Maintain confidentiality as per organizational procedure
  • Record and report events as per procedure
  • Scan and monitor premises as per site instructions
  • Observe irregular situations keenly , Anticipate threats/ risks and Respond to a security situation
  • Communicate with security person for the concerned designated premises effectively
  • Detect suspicious activity/ perceive abnormal movements and generate early warning
  • Should be proactively inform the concerned person if any threat is anticipated

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: Up to ₹15,000.00 per month


  • Rotational shift

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