New job Facility Manager in Tamil Nadu

Facility Manager
Facility Manager

Facility Manager

Company : MCPL
Salary : ₹12,000 - ₹13,000 a month
Location : Tamil Nadu

Full Description

Job Description: Facility Manager

Who We Are!!!

We are a space management company located in Trichy road, Coimbatore. We are proud to showcase two varieties of Space for management, which are a Co-working space and a Wellness Studio.

Z: 16 – Co-Working Space

This facility is designed and created to address the basic necessity of an aspiring entrepreneur, women entrepreneurs, young mothers who free-lance, an entrepreneur who does not foresee a need for a private office set up, women entrepreneurs who are concerned of their safety by themselves or by their family and who needs a safe place to work-share- network-collaborate-gain intelligence, a creator, an artist, a designer, content writers, physical trainers, motivational trainers, personality development coaches, tax consultants, business consultants, researcher, a florist, an event manager, a gemologist, jewelry designer, programmers, coders or be it anyone who makes a living acting solo.

The facility comes with all basic necessity and amenities like workstations, desks and chairs, Wi-Fi, air conditioned, well lite, vibrant and cozy, semi privacy, visitors lounge, limited parking space inside and ample outside, a fitness studio, trainers to coach, a nanny to look after children, a kitchenette and a FACILITATOR who would co-ordinate and support the occupants with their happy working.

Papa jack

This facility is designed and created for fitness and wellness, also, suitable for small events, corporate training, personality development coaching, prayer group gatherings, kitty parties etc. The facility brings together children and mothers with dance and fitness classes, ball room dancing and learning for adults, classical dance, calisthenics, free and body weight exercises.

Our Expectations with you!!!


You are required to take up complete ownership of these two facilities – administration, marketing, referrals, lead conversions, handling cash, reminders for rentals and fees, overall cleanliness, continuous changes in aesthetics, bring life to the premises, dispute and grievances handling, escalations when necessary, absolutely keeping the management informed of the activities at the premises, yet and ensure the clients are heartedly happy about their usage of these spaces.

Referral Sales and Marketing:

At Z: 16, Your responsibility is to ensure the space are filled and not kept vacant at Z: 16. Use all possible venues and support through referrals internal or external, from the pipe line prospective lists, social media support, LinkedIn, real estate portals, other similar business enterprise and their spills.

At Papa jack, your responsibility will be referral sales and word of mouth spreading through existing clients, friendly acquaintances of personal and professional contacts, the trainer’s own students and their referrals etc. Also, mobilize ace trainers in different cultural and fitness regimes- encourage them to take classes at Papa jack and bring students/clients for work outs.

At Papa jack, you could also engage to sell space and time for mini events, corporate training, personality development workshops etc.

Facilitator Co-ordination

Your responsibility is to ensure a smooth tenancy for our clients with both Z: 16 and Papa jack. Support them with entering into Tenancy agreement, vendor management, meeting schedules and appointments, time management between trainers, allocating students and clients in different batches- thereby reducing clashes in time and confusions.

You are encouraged to be warm, positive and heatedly hospitable to our clients, parents and the students.

Also, support the trainers for fee collections, management of their receivables and engage with clients of Papa jack for timely payments.

Engage with tenants of Z: 16 and ensure timely rent collection is facilitated.


Ensure a smooth run of business and give our patrons a Feel-Good Factor and a wonderful experience at our premises.


Your salary will be distributed on the 10th of each month and the remuneration will be Rs.12000 -Rs.13000 net take home.

Dated: 24th Nov 2020


Job Type: Full-time

Salary: ₹12,000.00 - ₹13,000.00 per month


  • Day shift


  • total work: 1 year (Preferred)