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Training Coordinator

Training Coordinator

Company : Educate Girls
Salary : Details not provided
Location : Rajasthan

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Designation Training Coordinator
Department Program
Location Jaipur
Employment type Employment contract / Consultant
Report to Project Lead
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Employment level Junior

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Effective date: July 2021 JD approved by: Project Lead

Organization Background
Established in 2007, Educate Girls (a project of 'Foundation to Educate Girls Globally') is holistically tackling issues
at the root cause of gender inequality in India's education system that has helped to ensure over 90% enrolment
and higher attendance as well as improved school infrastructure, quality of education and learning outcomes for all
Our comprehensive model helps communities assess their school situation, initiate action plans and empowers
them to sustain positive results at the lowest cost. Educate Girls believes that if girls in the most backward gender
gap districts are educated now, they will have the potential to enter the formal economy, gain employment and lift
their families out of poverty. By leveraging the government's existing investment in schools, Educate Girls delivers
measurable results to a large number of beneficiaries and avoids duplication or parallel delivery of services.
Because of the sustainability and scalability of the model, Educate Girls has grown from a 500-school pilot project
in the Pali district of Rajasthan to now serving thousands of schools, reaching millions of children in some of India's
most remote areas. The non-governmental organization has a management and outreach office in Mumbai and
operations in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh and is committed to launching interventions in multiple new
geographies across India over the coming years.

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Our Values
Gender Equality Being able to treat people equally irrespective of gender
Integrity Possess the ability to “know and do” what is right
Excellence Being outstanding or extremely good, striving to lead by performance excellence

Collaboration Working effectively and inclusively with a range of people both within and outside of the organization

Empathy Being able to understand and share the feelings of another and use that understanding to guide our actions

Our Competencies
Strategic Thinking – Think big yet

act focused
Taking Ownership – Feel

responsible & accountable
Analytical Thinking – Stay true to

your data
Developing Talent – Growing and taking people

Ensuring Alignment – Think differently but work


Job Profile

This document reflects the job content at the time of designing the job description and will be subject to periodic change in the light of
changing operational and environmental requirements. Such changes will be incorporated in the job description on annual basis

Scope & overview of the role:
An MOU has been signed by Foundation to Educate Girls Globally and Department of Women
Empowerment of Rajasthan accordingly Educate Girls and GoR shall jointly make efforts towards the
inclusive and holistic development for the adolescent girls and women.
The purpose of the MOU is to Strengthening the role of key stake holders of women empowerment in
planning and implementing the program in the selected districts, blocks and villages. The state team
further will create the leaders (who will take the model up) for replication of the model in the state as
well as, in different parts of the country.
The project is based on the core enabling and enhancing areas of adolescent girls and women between
the age group of 10 to 35 years including accessibility of education, livelihood opportunities, reproductive
health issues, Leadership roles, Gender-Equality, Reproductive and other Life skills issues.
To implement this project effectively and intensively a state district, cluster and village level program
implementation structure designed. The Project is mainly focused on the following Key Verticals 

Access to quality education 
Access to Social empowerment issues 
Access to skills for livelihood 
Access to political and legal dimensions

The elaborative intent of the above verticals is as follows:- 
Attempts to ensure the reach of adolescent girls to education through different educational

platforms ;
 Increase the levels of self-image and self-confidence in women so that they may also play a

positive role in the development;
 To help the State Government in effective implementation of its various schemes, play an active

role, to help Saathins, Self Help Groups, women, adolescent girls etc.
 To connect elderly adolescent girls and women to the skill development programmes/

entrepreneurship programmes for their better livelihood option. 
To prepare a positive environment in support of efforts/attempts made to prevent violence

against women and for that, to make both men and women as equal partners.
 To enable the women/ adolescent girls to the degree that they could raise questions in a critical

fashion; and making the information and knowledge as a base, could receive education; and
become so skilled that they could earn their livelihood and contribute towards the development
of society.

To work on the above cohesive areas of empowerment processes educate girls requires individuals who
will be capable of working efficiently and professionally as a training coordinator at state level and
have an experience to working with middle level officers of government. 

Areas of Responsibility:

The training coordinator is responsible for ensuring effective training conduction mechanism in the
districts, clusters and villages.

 Understanding the rural economy and developing strategies for training and placement in various
trades particularly with the reference of adolescent girls and women.

 Understanding of government schemes/subsidy processes for better fund utilisation. And accessible
for deprived communities.

 S/he needs to work with close association with subject matter experts and district and cluster level team
for effective management and organization of trainings and content building of livelihood and all other

 S/He should be competent to conduct online/off-line trainings in livelihood vertical.
 Overall management of Mobilisation, training and placement.

This document reflects the job content at the time of designing the job description and will be subject to periodic change in the light of
changing operational and environmental requirements. Such changes will be incorporated in the job description on annual basis

In close association with different team members, s/he should need to develop core groups of
different training experts.

 S/He will be responsible to collect the materials, modules for all the verticals in consultation with
department officials and subject team members.

 S/he should be expert in conducting and organising technology based training platform for larger
target groups.

 S/HE should be responsible for placement and financial linkage activities and coordination with
different skill based organisations. 

Organise entrepreneur development programme and Job fairs with different teams
 Able to create convergence and partnership at different level for livelihood activities.
 Able to identify the gap in the activities/ trainings and ensure bridging the gaps.
 Responsible of maintaning the quality training parameters (inclusing,branding, vendor selection, module

availblity, trainers orientation, Data base and photo video gallary development.
 Able to create a technology platform for regular in house review of the project. 
Able to create a problem solving mechanism for all fields particularly in technology based solutions.

Core Responsibilities
o Develop annual plan, effective monitoring mechanism and oversee budget of the program.
o Provide support to team at cluster and field.
o To liaison with the district administration as per program need.
o Organize capacity building sessions for internal team and external stakeholders.
o Maintain proper MIS of all the across the District/State and share reports with all the concerned

stake holders.

Education Background:
Post graduate with a minimum of 55% marks in any Discipline.
The person with masters in computer application will be preferred 

Work Experience:
o A minimum 3 to 4 years of experience in Livelihood and education sector is must.
o Prior experience of working with government aligned projects will be preferred.
o Prior experience of working with women and children especially for girl child would be desirable.
o Experience of working in a recognized non-government/CSR organization on managerial or

coordinating position is desirable.
o Should be willing to work with the mainstream system, deprived communities and other like-

minded civil societies and organizations.
o Be gender sensitive.
o Basic communication and written skills both in Hindi and English.
o Have the desire and ability to do advocacy for girl child education.
o Demonstrated leadership skill, innovative and creative thinking.
o Familiar program operational rhythm. 

Skills Set:
Soft skills:

o Critical thinking
o Open to learn
o Analytical and negotiation skills
o Social and effective communication skills
o Facilitation skills
o Reporting, planning and reviewing
o Government relationship

This document reflects the job content at the time of designing the job description and will be subject to periodic change in the light of
changing operational and environmental requirements. Such changes will be incorporated in the job description on annual basis

o Be non-judgmental and empathetic approach.
o Ability to manage and lead a team with openness and humility.
o Be creative, proactive and self-driven.
o Ability to think out of the box, solution driven and innovative.
o Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
o Fluency in Hindi and English both in writing and communication.
o Open to learn and explore

Technical skills:
o Digital training (Create/review the training)
o Training Management
o Training Facilitation skills
o Expert knowledge in MS office and excel
o Able to create technology based platforms under government offices
o Use of data in program planning
o Web and application based digital training skills.
o Adequate knowledge of computers – MS Office
o Data analysis, documentation and reporting skills
o Virtual facilitation skills

Travel requirement:
The position involves intense travel in operational areas especially in State/district/blocks and villages. Average 15-
20 Days per month travel required as per program need

Maximum Age limit: 40 years

"Educate Girls is committed to achieving 50/50 gender balance in its staff. Female candidates are strongly
encouraged to apply for this position."

This document reflects the job content at the time of designing the job description and will be subject to periodic change in the light of
changing operational and environmental requirements. Such changes will be incorporated in the job description on annual basis

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