New job Section Head / Senior Manager - Admin / CSR / Security in Andhra Pradesh

Section Head / Senior Manager - Admin / CSR / Security

Section Head / Senior Manager - Admin / CSR / Security

Company : Aditya Birla Group
Salary : Details not provided
Location : Andhra Pradesh

Full Description

Updated: July 16, 2021
Location: Andhra Pradesh, India
Organization: Chemicals

Job Description:


Supporting Actions

Administration of Plant

  • Prepare annual plan for general administration and ensure proper execution.
  • Ensure high standard and cost-effective delivery of various services like sanitation, furniture and transport.
  • To ensure adherence to all legal related compliances
  • To monitor and undertake initiatives in enhancing quality of administration and services to all employees at the unit

Facility Management

  • Review services at facilities like guesthouse, clubs, etc.
  • Check upkeep and maintenance and ensure high standards of hygiene and sanitation.
  • Ensure proper budgeting for all facilities and its compliance.
  • Train, guide and support employees, contractors and vendors as per their needs and requirement
  • Plan and procure furniture and fixtures as per requirement.
  • Take corrective actions in case of any pilferages or mismanagement

Transport Management

  • Prepare annual budgets for Transport, fuels, maintenance and hiring of vehicles.
  • Ensure proper regulation of vehicles in and out of the unit.
  • Ensure smooth functioning of traffic in the factory premises.
  • Maintain discipline among drivers and other security personnel.
  • To ensure use of helmets, uniforms, safety belts, etc. by employees and visitors.
  • Ensure maintenance of logbooks, bills and records.

Housekeeping & Horticulture

  • Plan distribution of housekeeping work and ensure effective deployment of manpower.
  • Regular inspections to ensure maintenance of housekeeping standards.
  • Prompt attention to complaints and suggestions
  • Guide and oversee implementation of housekeeping and horticulture.
  • Check maintenance and further improvement of existing plants.
  • Oversee continuous development of company nursery.
  • Ensure development and cleanliness for lawns and greenery in unit.
  • Improve & maintain sanitation & good quality housekeeping, both inside the Plant premises, as desired by the organization.
  • To ensure Pest control by timely spray of chemical
  • To ensure maintenance of drainage system, especially in rainy season, thus avoiding water clogging inside Plant premises.
  • To ensure Green Belt area is maintained above 33% of the total plant area.
  • To ensure survival of existing Flora as well as timely plantation of new plants and grass cutting time-to-time especially during rainy season.

Implement various initiatives on the 5 CSR themes of ABG

  • Programs on education to improve the literacy, increases enrollment, & basic amenities to improve the quality education in rural school.
  • Organize Health check-up camps for school children. Program on Preventive Health Care Support for organizing Health related awareness in surrounding villages. Organize Multi-purpose Medical Camps. HIV/AIDS Campaigning Camps and De-addiction campaign for social development. Health & Hygiene Program (Toilet Construction & Awareness).
  • Support for Girls Education. Organize Adolescent Girls Education Programs.
  • Infrastructures support to Schools, Aganwadi, Panchayat & others Department.
  • Women Empowerment through Skill & Capacity building which includes training, exposure and extension.
  • Organize programs for the youth to make productive use of their time and energy for self and village development and Programs on agriculture and livestock development in surrounding villages, Capacity building which includes training, exposure and extension.
  • Organize animal health camp in the village Organize awareness generation and special day celebration events, Collaboration with government and other resource agencies for development work,
  • Program with community-based organization like milk dairy samiti, beej samiti, SHG, MFIs, etc. Liaison with villagers / local leaders/Govt. officials for better industrial relations and community development work, Supporting CSR activities on health care, education and women empowerment.

Engaging with the community

  • Work out a strategic plan on extending our CSR activities to the nearby villages.
  • Community problem analysis through need-based assessment and Participatory tools to identify social need.
  • Interaction with local communities, Panchayat Raj Institutions, rural Development agencies, Govt. development Blocks and NGOs.
  • Collection of data though organizing various surveys and focused group meetings.

Security in unit to ensure safe environment

  • Plan Annual Budget
  • Ensure efficiency, discipline and morale of security personnel
  • Ensure regular inspection of guard posts.
  • Ensure no encroachments in and around the unit
  • Ensure safety rules of gates and plants are followed
  • Continuous vigil of plant
  • Training and manpower deployment for optimum utilization
  • Interacting with locals to ensure security and keep harmonious relations.
  • Suggest security systems, practices and procedures to the management to enhance security effectiveness

Traffic Management

  • To ensure proper regulation of Vehicular traffic inside factory premises and check any kind of irregularities by outside personnel.
  • Ensure entry of authorized Drivers and Cleaners only.
  • To ensure adherence to statutory compliances, Safety & Traffic norms
  • Maintain discipline among the outside persons like Drivers & Cleaners while during their stay within the Company premises

Visitor Management

  • Ensure proper process of visitor entry & exit is followed at the Main Gate.
  • Ensure proper records are being maintained in this regard.
  • Ensure visitors are being given safety PPEs & Safety orientation at the time of entry.
  • Ensure that visitors should not carry mobiles/Laptops/Cameras unless authorized by competent authority.


Minimum Experience Level:
8-14 Years

Report to:
General Manager

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