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Microsoft System Engineer

Company : MDS Global IT
Salary : Details not provided
Location : Chandigarh

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MDS Global IT India Private Limited , a subsidiary of MDS Global IT, USA is a Global Systems Integration and Managed Services Company. MDS Global IT is a Microsoft, Cisco and HP Enterprise Partner. MDS Global IT has a track record of excellence in IT Infrastructure Space.

This role requires extensive familiarity with Windows servers, Active Directory, Virtualization and frequently involves both risk assessment and user support tasks. Windows administrators leverage their expertise with the Windows operating system and server administration to develop and deploy servers, support day-to-day system performance, and prevent data loss and unauthorized access.

Currently the Job Location is remote but Candidate must be based in Chandigarh or Mohali area. Once Covid-19 situation has improved, Job location for this position will be based in Chandigarh/Mohali area.


While the specific duties of a Windows administrator can vary based on their business and industry, the general responsibilities of this role include:

Office 365

Engineer will primarily be responsible for designing, implementing, maintaining and supporting all components of the Office 365 environment with a primary focus on Exchange, SharePoint solutions. This role will assist in the design and implementation of the Office 365 governance and roadmap strategy. This role will require the ability to clearly articulate technical issues both verbally and in writing. Knowledge on MS Teams will be preferred.

Active Directory

Good understanding in Active Directory Infrastructure Services and hands on experience of managing the Operations and trouble tickets Experience with configuring Group Policy Objects to secure a Windows infrastructure and Good knowledge in managing the day to day Operations AD Health. Similar skills on AWS and Azure, will be preferred


Server Virtualization using VMware infrastructure, Administrating VMware ESXi, VMware vSphere Client, VMware vSphere Web Client, vSphere Virtual Machine File System (VMFS), vSphere High Availability (HA), vSphere vMotion, vSphere Storage vMotion, Host Profiles. Experience in P2V, vMotion, VMware, ESXi and vCenter.

Install and Configure Windows Servers

Engineer’s main responsibility is to install and set up Windows systems and servers. They develop servers and provide support to individual users to ensure that the system works reliably and quickly. They may also answer user questions throughout the setup and installation process. In this role, Engineer also build the server’s back-end architecture, including databases and scripts for specific applications and user needs.

Provide Technical Support and Guidance

Engineer will also provide technical support and guidance to users and other administrators. In many cases, the Windows administrator works closely with IT departments and professionals to answer technical questions or resolve issues with server performance and access. They may directly install and maintain Windows-based programs for end users and help debug these applications so that they work with Windows servers.

Perform System Maintenance

Conduct system maintenance activities, usually on the server back end. This aspect of the role requires the Windows administrator to review error logs and user-reported errors and identify stable and reliable solutions. Frequently, Windows administrators need to work directly with the system’s code base to make necessary changes and then deploy those changes throughout the server.

Monitor System Performance

In addition to maintaining Windows systems and servers, Windows administrators also monitor performance to reduce interruptions and server crashes. This can involve monitoring daily traffic logs and reports or working directly with end users. If the Windows administrator identifies potential issues or bugs affecting server performance, they develop and deploy proactive solutions to ensure system usability across the organization.

Create System Backups

Also perform system backups according to company or industry standards. They may back up systems weekly, daily, or more frequently depending on server space and a particular business’ needs. This helps to ensure that the system can be quickly recovered after a crash or other outage and supports data integrity by ensuring that vital information is not lost during an outage.

Maintain System Security

Maintain system security by noticing faults and vulnerabilities within the server’s architecture. This part of the job requires extensive knowledge of viruses and other sources of server vulnerability and requires the Windows administrator to develop and deploy protection measures, particularly when pushing out system-wide changes that can open up new vulnerabilities.


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