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Company : Clifford Chance LLP
Salary : Details not provided
Location : Delhi

Full Description

Transaction/Case Support


19 hours ago

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Legal Support Centre, Gurgaon

Days/Hours of Work

Monday to Friday 12.30pm to 9.00pm

Reports to

Managing Consultant

Key Responsibilities

You will be required to support lawyers of all levels in the practice areas of the London office of our client, and other Clifford Chance offices. Typical responsibilities are likely to include:
  • assisting in the preparation of documentation based on templates or previous deal documents;
  • reviewing, collating and indexing documents for transactional record keeping;
  • reviewing documents for specific provisions and drafting summaries of key terms;
  • reviewing and amending agreement based on client guidelines;
  • carrying out specific pieces of research; and
  • managing different phases in a transaction.

Job Purpose Summary

Working for Clifford Chance Business Services Private Limited in our office in Gurgaon (near Delhi, India), you will provide transactional and case support to our client Clifford Chance, a leading global law firm (see for further information).
  • You will have the opportunity to work for teams of lawyers in London and some of Clifford Chance's other offices around the world. The specific transactions you will work on may vary, but are likely to be related to finance, capital markets, corporate and commercial litigation. All the transactions and cases you will work on will be international in scope, although you will not work on Indian matters, and you will not be giving Indian or other legal advice.


You will be provided with all requisite training to perform your responsibilities.
You will also have the opportunity to participate in our ongoing training programme, which will enable you to gain and improve a wide variety of business skills.


Although you will not be practising Indian law, you will be required to be qualified as an Indian Advocate in order to ensure that you have received relevant background training to enable you to understand the work of our client.
Once qualified, you will be expected to apply your technical knowledge across the fields supported by the Legal Support Centre. In addition, you will be expected to gain knowledge of the processes and procedures carried out in these fields.
You will be IT literate, and familiar with Microsoft Word and Outlook.
The support you will provide to our client will be within a defined set of processes and tasks, and regular review and supervision will take place. However, you will be required to use your knowledge and experience to identify, analyse and address problems or issues within these processes.
You will also be expected to be self-sufficient and well-organised in planning your own time, particularly when taking on tasks with a high volume of documents as input or output.
Your decisions will have a direct impact on your Clifford Chance client contacts. As such, you will need a good understanding of each client contact's needs and expectations, as well as the transaction on which he or she is working.
You will be required to communicate in a clear, concise and logical manner, and be proficient in both written and spoken business English. Documents produced need to be clear and well written.
You will also communicate effectively with others, sharing appropriate information, actively listening and clarifying enquiries through the use of questions. In doing this you will build effective and constructive relationships with your client contacts and colleagues.


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