New job Circle Head-ILM-Motor OD in Maharashtra

Circle Head-ILM-Motor OD

Circle Head-ILM-Motor OD

Company : bajajallianz
Salary : Details not provided
Location : Maharashtra

Full Description

  • Claim Investigation
  • Training and guidance to the team Fraud identification as per evidence grid
  • Report submission and coordination with claims team. Reviewing the Investigations report which is assigned through external and internal Vendors
  • Review and research evidence/documents to analyze the overall fact pattern of claim and synthesize data into a professional report with recommendations
  • Prepare and coordinate field assignments to obtain relevant evidence and information
  • Coordinate with Legal team to provide deposition strategies on consumer cases and use law enforcement resources for assistance
  • Field Investigation for the High value cases
  • Meeting with law enforcement agencies like, Police, Law, other Govt agencies in order to take the case into logical conclusion.
  • Evidence assessment, discussion the Corporate legal and FIR filing on fraud identified cases
  • Evaluation of Crime scene and appointing forensic experts on Fire and relevant cases to conclude the facts of the case.
  • Ability to identify the Triggers, perform desktop investigation and explain plan of action for the field investigatio
  • Responsible to complete the case within stipulated turn-around time (TAT)
  • Conduct inquiries to ascertain the fact findings and to gather evidence in suspected fraud / triggered claims / Critical & High value claims.
  • Interview suspects and witnesses examine evidence and conduct research through databases and other sources.

  • Quality Assurance
  • OFR and CFR based on various data inputs and indicators
  • Vendor Management – Training the external investigators, Control measures, Quality check for the investigation reports.
  • Preparing reports based on findings and observations and guide / train the investigators to fulfil the required actions useful from legal point of view.
  • Working in close coordination with Legal / Claims team
  • Manage and prioritize high case load effectively and efficiently to achieve results of Timeline and Success
  • Training, evaluating, supporting the investigators, towards the fulfilment of the required actions
  • Ensure the ethics and compliance during managing the external investigators and self-investigation of cases.
  • Strategic Design – Execution and Deliverables
  • Project scope assessment, identification of resources and implementation
  • IntracCritical document compliance
  • Periodic analysis of fraud trend
  • Meeting with Government officials

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