New job Variant Analyst in Maharashtra

Variant Analyst

Company : PierianDx
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Location : Maharashtra

Full Description

Variant Analyst

Location: Senapati Bapat Road, Pune

Job Description

We are looking for a variant analyst who will be part of our Interpretation Services (IS) team that interprets clinical NGS based oncogenomic tests and contributes to the world’s most clinically robust genomic knowledgebase. Variant analysts are skilled scientists with strong molecular biology and cancer biology backgrounds who will curate, interpret and represent the clinical data from a variety of sources for a genomic variant in cancer case specific manner to generate a draft report for our cancer institutes or private oncology laboratory based clients. Their work will not only power decision making for medical directors of different institutes or laboratories using our services but also strengthen knowledgebase ultimately impacting the patient care around the world.

About PierianDx

Every year millions of people bet their lives on precision medicine. PierianDx is on a mission to make sure that bet pays off. At PierianDx we empower progressive health institutions and diagnostic laboratories to build world-class precision medicine programs. Our industry-leading molecular genomics technologies and expertise deliver the most integrated, trusted, and collaborative approach across the clinical care spectrum. From genomic sequencing and biomedical informatics in the laboratory to reporting and decision support at the patient’s bedside, we drive the adoption of genomics in clinical care and accelerate the fight against cancer and other diseases. For more information, visit or @PierianDx on Twitter.



  • Comprehend (analyze, conclude) scientific content/clinical studies from different sources such as clinical practice guidelines, drug labels, clinical trials, research articles, reviews, case reports published in cancer and curate clinically significant data.
  • Associate clinical/scientific evidence in a holistic manner to fulfil curation tasks such as interpretation of variants for a particular cancer case.
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of the product and end-to-end workflow for the IS tea
  • Understanding disease background and other clinical information related to patient case
  • Writing interpretations for variants (all complexity), Review (if trained as reviewer) as per the SOP/WI
  • Associating how interpretations contribute and impact the patient care at clients site, contribute to knowledgebase.
  • Contribute to designing workflow for new interpretation strategy or extrapolate existing interpretation strategies to a similar new scenario
  • Contribute to designing SOPs &/or Work Instruction (WI) generation - ability to present and defend ideas in team or CCC meetings
  • Identify potential risks of process, project or design, and report deviation from SOP or WI
  • Open to self-training and exploring new technologies


  • Should be able to communicate issues within a team or across teams with clear background understanding to achieve outcome or conclusions
  • Initiate or engage in clear communication (slack, email and verbal) regarding any blockers/issues with team members, follow-up and conclude
  • Ability to develop the documentation, PowerPoint presentations, flowcharts, diagrams etc. to communicate technical solutions


  • Follow/execute daily/weekly tasks especially the clinical case reporting, till completion based on SOP with ownership and responsibility
  • Self QC of work – demonstrate a high standard with each deliverable
  • Commitment to delivery of day to day tasks and projects involved as per the project timelines - with little supervision
  • Should demonstrate clear alignment with the turnaround time (TAT) for clinical case reports
  • Content documentation – document content related approach in a scientific and methodical manner
  • Handle different types of complexities in the workflow
  • Trainings: Design, document and execute existing or revised training workflows and conduct trainings as per SOP/WI
  • Demonstrate niche’ expertise where you are the go-to person for specific activities, training etc.
  • Demonstrate strong adherence to PierianDx core values

Required Experience and Skills

  • PhD degree from molecular biology, genetics, biotechnology or biochemistry OR Master of Science degree (from molecular biology, genetics, biotechnology or biochemistry) and 2-4 years of relevant research/industrial experience.
  • Genetic and molecular understanding of the human disease.
  • Good understanding of genomic databases and their annotations (For example GenBank, RefSeq, dbSNP etc).
  • Basic understanding of cancer biology and signaling pathways.
  • An understanding of bioinformatics analysis to identify variants within genomic data sets is desirable.
  • Proficiency in communicating and understanding of genetic variant details.
  • An enthusiastic "can-do" mentality with leadership skills, a dedicated team-worker, having good verbal and written communication skills.
  • Previous experience as an experimental scientist in applied science or hands-on experience in oncogenomic diagnostic laboratories is a big plus.
  • Experience with open-source bioinformatics tools and publicly available variant databases is a plus
  • Personal initiative and ability to work effectively as part of a team
  • Excellent communication skills

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