New job State-wide Strategic Partnerships Incharge in Rajasthan

State-wide Strategic Partnerships Incharge

Company : Educate Girls
Salary : Details not provided
Location : Rajasthan

Full Description

changing operational and environmental requirements. Such changes will be incorporated in the job description on annual basis

Job Description – State-wide Strategic Partnerships Incharge

Designation Assistant Manager / Deputy Manager

Department Strategic Partnerships

Location Jaipur (Rajasthan Resource)

Employment type Employment contract

Report to State Lead Operations Rajasthan & Senior Manager - Strategic Partnerships

Positions reporting to this role None

Employment level Middle

Organization Background

Established in 2007, Educate Girls (a project of 'Foundation to Educate Girls Globally') is holistically tackling issues

at the root cause of gender inequality in India's education system that has helped to ensure over 90% enrolment

and higher attendance as well as improved school infrastructure, quality of education and learning outcomes for

all girls.

Our comprehensive model helps communities assess their school situation, initiate action plans and empowers

them to sustain positive results at the lowest cost. Educate Girls believes that if girls in the most backward gender

gap districts are educated now, they will have the potential to enter the formal economy, gain employment and lift

their families out of poverty. By leveraging the government's existing investment in schools, Educate Girls delivers

measurable results to a large number of beneficiaries and avoids duplication or parallel delivery of services.

Because of the sustainability and scalability of the model, Educate Girls has grown from a 500-school pilot project

in the Pali district of Rajasthan to now serving thousands of schools, reaching millions of children in some of India's

most remote areas. The non-governmental organization has a management and outreach office in Mumbai and

operations in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh and is committed to launching interventions in multiple new

geographies across India over the coming years.

For further details about organization please visit

Our Values

Gender Equality Being able to treat people equally irrespective of gender

Integrity Possess the ability to “know and do” what is right

Excellence Being outstanding or extremely good, striving to lead by performance excellence

Working effectively and inclusively with a range of people both within and outside of the


Being able to understand and share the feelings of another and use that understanding

to guide our actions

Our Competencies

Strategic Thinking – Think big yet Taking Ownership – Feel Analytical Thinking – Stay true to

Version No:

JD No.: SP-004 Version No.: V1

Effective date: June 2021 JD approved by: Strategic Partnerships

This document reflects the job content at the time of designing the job description and will be subject to periodic change in the light of

changing operational and environmental requirements. Such changes will be incorporated in the job description on annual basis

act focused responsible & accountable your data

Developing Talent – Growing and taking people


Ensuring Alignment – Think differently but work


Scope & overview of the role:

The resource will be part of the middle management of the organization and will be responsible for

overseeing the vertical operations at the state and district level. S/he will be the face of Educate Girls for

all external stake holders at the state level and the district level. S/he implement vertical strategy

including aspects such as managing the government’s expectation at the district, block and panchayat

level, ensuring permissions at the district level, coordination with the collector to do joint planning and

implementation, reporting at the district and state level and attending all the District Task Force/Neeti

Aayog meetings. In addition, s/he will also be required to ensure our new or renewal Memorandum of

Understanding (MoUs) are signed. The role also includes component of strategy and capacity building as

the manager will be ensuring our advocacy strategy is effectively implemented in the state. S/he will be

responsible for the management of the overall quality and efficiency of GR operations both at the state

and district level.

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Develop a government relationship strategy ensuring consistency with EG’s overall strategic


  • Review the State level data flow regularly in support with the impact team to improve liaison with

Government on data alignment.

  • Forge relationships with government officials (District Collector, DPC, ADPC etc) and find new

partnerships with communities and influencers in the region.

  • Develop short term action plan, conduct district wise business meetings, orientation programmes etc.

Provide regular reports as per defined timelines.

  • Creating awareness about work of Educate Girls in State/ Districts.
  • Influencing decision makers to position Educate Girls as an organization committed to social change

and reducing gender gaps

  • Building relationships with key influencers in the Government across primary and secondary


  • Ensuring that strong, dynamic, long-term professional relationships are formed and managed

successfully with all levels of government, including key district and state government


  • Supporting the district teams of EG in resolving their Government related problems.

Core Responsibilities

  • Managing a Smooth Liasoning at State level
  • Coordination of Communication State to Distrcit and Distrcit to State
  • Problem solving (District) and support

Liaise with:

This document reflects the job content at the time of designing the job description and will be subject to periodic change in the light of

changing operational and environmental requirements. Such changes will be incorporated in the job description on annual basis


Education Background:

Masters, Post Graduate from Tier 3, Tier 2, Tier 1 colleges in Social work/Rural Management.

Work Experience:

5 years

Skills Set:

  • Soft skills:

o Critical thinking

o People Management

o Negotiation & Advocacy

o Collaboration

o Presentation Skills

o Deadline Management

o Stakeholder management Interpersonal Communication (Written and Oral)

o Organizational skills

  • Technical skills:

o Microsoft Office applications (Word, PowerPoint)

o Government structure and administration

o Government affairs and current affairs

o Government policies Public policies

o Knowledge of MoU securement and renewal

o Knowledge of key district and state gov representative.

o Microsoft Office applications (Outlook, Excel)

o National development programs

Travel requirement:

Willingness to travel up to 50% of the time at the state / district / village level in program geographies.

"Educate Girls is committed to achieving 50/50 gender balance in its staff. Female candidates are strongly

encouraged to apply for this position."

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