New job Skilling and Livelihood Program Lead in Uttar Pradesh

Skilling and Livelihood Program Lead

Company : GiftAbled Foundation
Salary : ₹20,000 a month
Location : Uttar Pradesh

Full Description

Social Issue Research & Program Planning

The Skilling and Livelihood Program Lead would be directly involved in conducting social issue research, and contributing the Program information for strategic plans of organisation. Skilling and Livelihood Program Lead takes a very research-based approach to advising Program manager on where to focus – identifying gaps, needs and key stakeholders and mapping out the best role that the organisation can play in the existing eco-system.

· Strong Research Methodology skills and experience in conducting Primary and Secondary Research in relation to Programs and social causes.

· Ability to understand and identify the needs in the development sector through primary and secondary research and gap analysis.

· Strong skills in writing detailed research reports and program plans.

· Compilation of research and strategy into professional looking Publisher documents.

· Preparation and presentation of PowerPoint presentations.

Overseeing Program Implementation

The Skilling and Livelihood Program Lead will play an integral role within organization in overseeing NGO programs on the ground. The role will involve liaising with beneficiaries/ Government agencies at a grassroots level to ensure outcomes are being delivered and that programs are rolling out in an effective manner.

· Liaise with Beneficiaries/Government to ensure that programs are moving forward as planned

· Developing plans to understand the needs of the community and relevant interventions ie Needs and Gap Analysis

· Establish operations manuals and some key processes for programs as required

· Conduct on-site surveys and review of existing client programs

· Communicate program status to superiors on weekly basis

· Meeting deadlines and managing time effectively to ensure outcomes are met

NGO Relationship Management& Capacity Building

A large focus of the role will revolve around building positive relationships and partnerships with NGOs delivering programs in target communities, to ensure efficient and effective roll out of programs and outcomes for beneficiaries. This will require ongoing communication and preparation of necessary documentation including reports, proposals and budgets. Additionally, some NGO partners will require capacity building in certain areas to strengthen their work in order to better meet the needs of clients. This could include presentation and proposal skills, developing second line of management, training in monitoring and evaluation or other related areas (ie Governance, Marketing, Fundraising).

· Ongoing relationship management through phone, email and face to face meetings to ensure the effective and efficient delivery of programs and expenditure of client funding.

· Capacity building of partnership in long-term relationships.

· Provide client presentations and attend meetings with NGOs to showcase and outline programs.

Monitoring, Evaluation & Reporting

The Skilling and Livelihood Program Lead will be responsible for all monitoring, evaluation and reporting duties. You will work with NGOs to establish a robust monitoring and evaluation framework along with regular reporting template and mechanism. You will ensure all partners deliver reports in a timely manner and you will collate monthly and program reports for clients.

· Collation and writing of monthly and program reports for clients.

· Identification and implementation of relevant Monitoring and evaluation tools and framework.

· Analyse information collected in monitoring evaluation and reporting to identify possible areas for improvement and program alteration.

General Roles & Responsibility:

  • To be aware of and abide by policies, procedures and systems of GA foundation.
  • To be involved in the activities of GA foundation and the building of its systems and processes.
  • To be a proactive member of GA Foundation and advocate wherever possible for its work.
  • To undertake any other reasonable duties as and when required dependent on the needs of the organisation.

Application Deadline: 15/6/2021

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: From ₹20,000.00 per month


  • total work: 1 year (Preferred)

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