New job Manager – Government Facilitation in Delhi

Manager – Government Facilitation

Company : Pallium India Trust
Salary : Details not provided
Location : Delhi

Full Description

About Pallium India

Pallium India, a Non-Governmental Organization, was founded in 2003. Our vision is to integrate palliative care into mainstream healthcare and give relief to those living with serious health-related suffering, ensure dignity in death, and avert catastrophic health expenditure that pushes millions into poverty every year. In line with principles of Universal Health Coverage we are committed to facilitate delivery and enabling quality services to patients and their families where they are, when they need it, without causing them financial hardship. Our efforts over the past 17 years have led to substantial policy and programmatic changes at the national, subnational and community level. Pallium India operates on a “Demonstrate, Educate, Facilitate” model.

We demonstrate comprehensive care delivery in the region of Trivandrum and surrounding districts. We educate and sensitize public and professional providers on palliative care through physical and online trainings. We facilitate palliative care delivery by engaging with national and state governments, public and private providers as well as communities.

Pallium India earned worldwide recognition for its pioneering work. Awareness-building and reach out over the past years is now resulting in direct requests from public and private providers for capacity-building and mentorship on palliative care.

Values & Principles
The Manager - Policy Division, will amplify Palliative Care through means suggested above and others they deem fit, while adhering to organizational values including:

· Commitment to Mission and Vision: Desire to minimize health related suffering, especially for the most marginalized, by integration of Palliative Care in mainstream healthcare across India’s states and union territories.

· Integrity: Operating ethically in all aspects of work, especially rational use of resources

· Transparency: Clear documentation and sharing of knowledge and insights with other functionaries to catalyze organizational mission and vision.

· Respect: Treat colleagues and other stakeholders with utmost respect, not discriminate on basis of rank, class, ethnicity, religion, gender, health condition or any other distinction.

The Policy Division in Pallium India
This division undertakes mapping and engagement of multiple stakeholders at the national and international level, sensitise them to the need for effective programs and policies that create an enabling ecosystem (programs & budgets) for the integration of palliative care into healthcare.

These efforts would be geared towards increased education and training of professionals and frontline workers, sustained engagement with policy makers and implementers, facilitate access to essential and affordable essential medicines especially opioid analgesics for pain relief, and demand generation through engagement with communities, civil society and people with lived experience.

Role of Manager - Policy Division

The Manager would lead work in the following action areas defined in the 2-year project document:

1. Work with central governments to formulate, refine and implement policies and programs

2. Continuous engagement/ effort with stakeholders in central government departments, academia, national and international advocacy bodies, civil society

3. Follow up with relevant authorities, stakeholders, partners and collaborators to establish/ initiate/ revive relationships, create pathways of engagement and maintain these relationships towards measurable outcomes.

4. Facilitate National Program for Palliative Care (NPPC) implementation

5. Facilitate Implementation of NDPS amended rules to make opioid analgesics accessible for pain relief and medical use.

6. Facilitate PC education as per program defined in the mission.


Competencies comprising specific skill sets
1. Competency 1: Stakeholder identification and relationship management: Skill sets include the ability to identify, establish connection and maintain relationships through timely and appropriate follow ups with individuals or organisations. Also, the ability to generate and nurture interest and enthusiasm for partnerships towards achieving specific goals.

2. Competency 2: Design and create systems and processes to have sustained engagement with such individuals and organisations till mission is achieved.

3. Competency 3: Comprehension of legislations, drafting of rules, government orders, etc.

4. Competency 4: Techniques and tools usage to create program frameworks and budgets, presentations, and to guide an expert team to create the components of the same.

5. Competency 5: Adaptive management skills including ability to assess an audience, respond innovatively and tactfully to persuade to the required conclusion.

7. Competency 6: Documentation and Knowledge Management Maintain knowledge sharing pathways and systems with other divisions that influence and are impacted by the activities, objectives and outcomes of the Policy Division.

Contract length: 23 months

Application Deadline: 5/7/2021

Expected Start Date: 1/8/2021

Job Types: Full-time, Contract


  • Cell phone reimbursement
  • Internet reimbursement
  • Paid time off
  • Work from home


  • Day shift

COVID-19 considerations:


  • Master's (Required)


  • Relationship management: 10 years (Required)
  • working with health system & Government: 10 years (Required)


  • English (Required)
  • Hindi (Required)

Work Remotely:

  • Yes

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