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FLO - Csr

Company : Aditya Birla Group
Salary : Details not provided
Location : Gujarat

Full Description

Updated: June 29, 2021
Location: Gujarat, India
Organization: Pulp and Fibre

Job Description:
Job Purpose:

To implement and facilitate the Rural Development Programs and maintain harmonious relationship in the neighbouring villages of - as per the social vision of the company.

Job Context & Major Challenges:

Being an oldest and biggest industry of western MP, society expectations are high. This also falls in line with corporate vision of social development. SFD, Nagda has presence in about 55 villages around the unit. 16 villages have been selected as model villages and programs related to Education, health, hygiene, women empowerment and sustainable livelihood are the focus areas.
The industry has built four dams across river Chambal to meet its water requirement. Around 40 villages are situated on banks of our water reservoirs. Plan and implement regular development activities to maintain harmonious relations with these villagers to protect company interests. Major challenges are: Providing visibility to the initiatives taken. Achieving development targets to improve the overall quality of life in the villages. Mobilizing support from all stakeholders in implementing programs. Maintaining excellent relations with the community opinion leaders, government officers for keeping issues in favour of the company

Key Result Areas / Accountabilities:

Key Result Areas / Accountabilities

Supporting Actions

Implement program on Health, Education, Women Empowerment, AND Implement program on sustainable livelihood which includes agriculture development and livestock development. Also organize program on social development.

Programs on education to improve the literacy, increases enrolment, & basic amenities to improve the quality education in rural school.

Organize Health check-up camps for school children’s. Support for Girls Education (KGBV & others School). Organize Adolescent Girls Education Programs. Program on Preventive Health Care Support for organizing Health related awareness in surrounding villages. Also providing support to local Sub Health Centre. Organize Multi-Purpose Medical Camps. HIV/AIDS Campaigning Camps and De-addiction campaign for social development. Health & Hygiene Program (Toilet Construction & Awareness). Support to Rural Housing through Govt. Collaboration (MMAY & IAY). Infrastructures support to Schools, Aganwadi, Pancayat & others Department. Support in developing need based rural infrastructures. Women Empowerment through Skill & Capacity building which includes training, exposure and extension.

Collaboration with government and other resource agencies for development work, Liaison with villagers/Sarpanch / local leader’s/ Govt. officials for better industrial relations and community development work, Meeting with land revenue officials, villagers and submit submergence land Revenue Tax. Organize programs for the youth to make productive use of their time and energy for self and village development. AND Programs on agriculture and livestock development in surrounding villages, Capacity building which includes training, exposure and extension, Plantation initiatives in villages on common and public land. Construction of bio-gas / nadep / vermi compost etc. in collaborative manner, organize animal health camp in the village Organize awareness generation and special day celebration events, Collaboration with government and other resource agencies for development work, Program with community based organization like milk dairy samiti, beej samiti, SHG, MFIs, etc. Liaison with villagers / local leader’s/Govt. officials for better industrial relations and community development work, Supporting CSR activities on health care, education and women empowerment.

Maintaining Data

Collection and maintaining downstream data, To maintain good relations in the neighbouring villages to enhance company image and protect interests - Implement and facilitate need based programs. Facilitated and conducted CSR assessment study with social institutions and educational bodies. Supplement resources for basic needs of villages, maintaining data for BRC purpose. Reporting Unit MPR/QPR/APR & Social report.



CSR Head of Grasim Industries Limited. Function Head of Grasim Industries Limited. Volunteers. Accounts, Material Management, Civil, IT, Environment, convince, Bardana etc.


Village populace Daily Ongoing work. Gram Panchayat, Public Representative, NGOs and other resource organizations. Interacts with government officials on need based activities,

Bachelor of Rural Studies

Minimum Experience Level:
3-7 Years

Report to:
Assistant Vice President

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