New job DevOps Engineer in West Bengal

DevOps Engineer

Company : Codelogicx Technologies Private Limited
Salary : Details not provided
Location : West Bengal

Full Description

Work experience as a DevOps Engineer or similar software engineering role

Linux skills: Linux groups and users. File system, file and directory permissions. Vi, knowing bash, bash scripting, sed, awk, piping, appending. Logs, Firewall and IPtables, Grub, Performance analysis tools. SSH, SCP. Installing and configuring MYsql, Nginx, PHP, Node.js and other common packages.

DevOps toolchains (big list in condensed form): Source Control (Git, Bitbucket), Continuous Integration (Jenkins), Infrastructure Automation (Ansible, Terraform), Deployment Automation & Orchestration (Jenkins), Container (Docker), Orchestration (Kubernetes, Mesos), Cloud (like AWS, Azure, GoogleCloud). Please learn these tools well.

AWS Services: VPC, IAM, EC2, RDS, Route53, ElasticCache, S3, Glacier, Inspector, Elastic Beanstalk, AWS Whitepapers, Lambada, CloudFront, CodeCommit, CodeDeploy, SES, SNS, Kinesis, Certificate Manager.

Security: SSH, Firewalls, Iptable, PKI, Public key, Private Key, Cipher suites. TLS and SSL. Encryption, Hashing and MAC. SSL certificates, root and intermediate certificates.

Load Balancing: Load balancing infrastructure and methods. Geographical load balancing. Understanding of CDN. Load balancing in cloud.

Networking Basics: Network layers. Routers, domain controllers, etc. Networks and subnets. IP address. VPN.DNS. Firewall. IP tables. Network access between applications (ACL). Networking in cloud (i.e., Amazon AWS).

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